3D Modelling


Producing 3D CAD models of existing & proposed works is a cost effective way of identifying and resolving potential problems prior to the construction phase of a project.

Detailed installation general arrangement drawings and material lists can be easily generated from 3D models, utilising the 3D model as the source for drawing production ensures fully coordinate views created rapidly.

During the design development process, the 3D model is issued for review in a format which can be easily navigated using free downloadable viewing software.

The final model can be issued in the same format containing hyperlinks allowing the user to navigate the model freely and select equipment to view relevant data sheets, maintenance instructions, schedules, drawings, etc. All information being accessible from the 3D model.

In addition to producing 3D CAD models for design development and generation of installation drawings we utilise models to create fly-throughs & animations of equipment maintenance procedures and construction sequences.

To gather accurate site data for existing installations we also perform 3D laser scan surveys.
Flythroughs & Animations
3D laser scanning - 1
WwTw  Thickening Plant
Brewery Tank Farm
Pumping Room
WwTw Digester Modifications
Pumping Station
Waste Canister Cage
Materials Handling Plant
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3 Storey Building Services Coordination
Material Handling.mov