Fly-throughs & Animations

3D Laser Scanning For BIM

Do you want to harness the power of BIM for your next project?

Building information modelling offers a huge range of benefits, including the fact it can improve collaboration between all members of a project.

Enabling you to simulate and visualise a project, BIM can cover much more than just the exterior of a building- there are increasing numbers of simulation tools to help you analyse the building’s performance too.

Thanks to features like clash-tests, which are particularly useful for pipework, it can also help to resolve conflicts before the building stage. You’ll also find that with BIM sequencing is much easier, especially if you decide to use animations. Furthermore, it makes it much easier to produce a highly detailed model that includes everything from the building’s tensile strength to how it can perform in different weathers.

If you require 3D laser scanning for BIM then look towards Hope Draughting for affordable draughting to begin your project.

Part of Engenda Group Ltd, our company have extensive experience working with the latest technology to deliver the latest draughting techniques.

Our experienced 3D laser scanning team can produce accurate dimensional data of existing site arrangements, along with fly-throughs and animations.

Find out more about our BIM scanning today.

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