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3D Laser Scanning Services

Want to enhance your design process in 2016? Why not harness the power of 3D laser scanning?

If you work in construction or design, this technique is increasingly used by a variety of companies, especially architects. With the market for 3D scanning set to grow, especially in next 5 years, it is a proven way to move projects forward quickly and efficiently.

At Hope Draughting, we can help your company move forwards into the future of design. Our 3D laser scanning services provide accurate dimensional data which is a critical starting point for any project, particularly for architects and engineers.

Our experienced 3D laser scanning specialists are capable of scanning in both greyscale and colour. In the past we have worked upon breweries, pump rooms and other industrial sites, particularly those that require extensive site assessments.

Hope Draughting can help you make the most of this quick and accurate technique. With our services, you can produce a vast amount of accurate data in an extremely short time; this then creates a 3D point cloud, which is used to generate a solid CAD model of existing arrangements.

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