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3D Laser Scanning Surveys

Every week the news is full of articles on 3D lasers. They often mention its usage in crime scene investigations and the art world. But, in terms of practical usage, it’s most used in construction, engineering and architecture.

3D laser scanning is exciting and versatile technology, some of which is still developing. One of its most useful function is for creating surveys. This allows you to map anything, from large-scale cities to small industrial components. This is particularly useful in the engineering industry. Industrial plants and other such environments benefit from this function. It is great for existing sites which need further development.

If you need a 3D laser scanning survey, contact Hope Draughting. We can capture your current plant arrangements for proposed work using the latest technology. Quick and accurate, this technique works at breath-taking speed. The scanner emits a laser which is capable of taking over 100,000 3D measurements per second.

This is creates a 3D point cloud, which is further used to make a 3D model. We can do this in either colour or greyscale.

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