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3D Laser Scanning Surveys In The UK

Do you require a 3D laser scanning survey?

This particular service uses the latest technology to carry out a point cloud survey, enabling you to map out virtually anything. From large buildings and even cities to small industrial components, this is modern technology at its most impressive.

Quick and astonishingly accurate, 3D laser scanning produces a vast amount of data in an extremely short space of time. Unlike traditional draughting techniques, it can be done in mere seconds and produces vastly superior results.

A point cloud is made up of millions of points and captures every aspect of an object or space, including an object’s reflectivity. It can be done in either colour or grayscale, depending on your specific needs.

Performing 3D laser scanning surveys are just one of our services at Hope Draughting. As a flexible engineering company, we provide quality draughting and 3D modelling services to engineers, design consultants, installers and manufacturers across the UK.

Our 3D laser scanning produces accurate dimensional data of existing site arrangements, which could be a critical starting point for any project. Once scanned you can make proposed routing and modifications, with final installation drawings being produced by our experienced experts.

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