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3D Models For Existing Or Proposed Designs

Do you require 3D models for your project? Used in a variety of different industries, 3D modelling is used for everything from industrial design to the medical industry. For those working with architecture, it is used to demonstrate proposed buildings along with altering existing designs.

3D models can be divided into two different categories: solid (used to represent the volume of an object) and shell/boundary (to represent the outside of an object), and offer flexibility, ease of rendering and accurate photo realism.

3D modelling is an extremely cost effective way of identifying and resolving potential problems before the construction phase. If you work as an engineer, manufacturer, design consultant and installer, it’s an excellent way to save both time and money.

If you require 3D models in the UK, Hope Draughting use the latest technology to gather accurate site data, including maintenance instructions, schedules and drawings. Our previous projects have included a pump room, brewery tank farm, waste canister cage, materials handling plants and thickening plant.

We can also provide the latest 3D laser scanning technology, to produce vast amounts of accurate data in mere seconds; these can be done in either colour of grayscale.

For more about our 3D models, take a look here.

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