Fly-throughs & Animations
3D Pipework

If you’re planning a new construction project – or perhaps renovating or extending existing commercial or industrial premises – wouldn’t it be great to be able to visualise every detail before you start? To get a 3D image of how pipework, service ducts, walls and installations will be placed or operated, allowing any potential problems to be identified and solved before the construction stage? Solving construction problems is a great deal cheaper at the planning stage when everything is still on paper or computer, so quality 3D draughting services are worth every penny – and Hope Draughting can provide them for you.

Visualise Your Project

At Hope Draughting, the experienced multi-disciplinary team can use laser scanning to gather accurate dimensional data about your existing structures, and also create 3D models of proposed work. 3D CAD modelling of existing and proposed pipework installations is often more accurate and cost effective than 2D draughting for developing designs and generating final arrangement drawings, and it allows full clash and coordination checks to be performed. Flythroughs and animations can also be generated, giving a clear picture of how installations will operate and additionally providing useful training tools for the future. For full details of their services, visit their website.