Fly-throughs & Animations

3D Piping To Accelerate Product Design

Pipes are an important part of industrial buildings. It’s therefore vital their design and installation are carried out to the highest standards.

Do you want to accelerate product development time and save time with 3D design?

3D CAD modelling is an excellent way to produce piping designs, quickly and accurately.

At Hope Draughting we have frequently worked on 3D piping projects- including for a waste water treatment works. This particular project was carried out in several stages. Firstly, an existing 3D CAD model of the site was generated, then developed to produce intermediate and final stage models.

Other advantages include full clash and co-ordination checks, including insulation clashes.

Next, we produced complete sets of general arrangement drawings. Fittings lists were also produced to enable the successful installation of each phase.

From these 3D models we can also produce fly-through animations of equipment maintenance procedures and construction sequences. This are perfect for identifying any potential problems before the constructive stage. Although smaller projects might not merit a 3D model, in these cases we can provide 2D draughting instead.

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