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3D scanning services

Do you need to analyse an object or environment to collect data? If you work in industrial design or construction, this is an invaluable method for planning future projects.

Using non-contact, non-destruction technology, 3D laser scanning digitally captures the shape of real-life objects. It does this by using a line of laser light and creating point clouds of data from the surface. Fast and efficient, at times, this process can look like pure magic. Collecting data with astonishing detail and accuracy, it’s the ideal solution for those who need meticulous and thorough representations.

It is particularly useful for those working in utilities or process plants. Accurately documenting the present condition of facilities, it will assist with minimising conflicts between new and existing components. This means it could play an invaluable role during a plant’s upgrading. It also means personnel can view and evaluate facilities remotely.

If you require 3D scanning services in the South East, consider Hope Draughting. Our services mean you can produce a vast amount of accurate setting-out data in the shortest space of time. Excellent for making modifications to existing models, our scanning services will save both time and money on future developments.

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