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3D Scanning Services

3D scanning is often the subject of tech-news articles. But, while the idea of 3D printed food might be intriguing, it's the engineering, architectural and manufacturing industries that truly benefit.

This technology helps the most forward-thinking companies grow and develop. Providing the most accurate measurements imaginable, its resolution and speed are astonishing. 3D scanning gives you accurate, reliable and traceable data within minutes. This leads to easy-to-read visual reports, accurate samples of parts, and cost-savings on complex components.

It could benefit both small and larger companies, saving time and money on production.

For expert 3D scanning services in the UK, contact us at Hope Draughting. Our team work with designers, manufacturers and engineers using 3D Laser Scanning to enhance the designs of buildings, parts and more.

Our services can help you with surveys, detailed engineering CAD models, quality drawings, and fly-through and maintenance procedure animations. Based in Widnes, Cheshire, we cover the whole of the UK including Surrey and Hampshire.

For examples of projects visit our main website.