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Affordable 3D Laser Scan for BIM

More and more companies are realising the opportunities BIM (building information modelling) provides for improvement. In the US, it is already mandatory for centrally funded public-sector projects.

The BIM market is always discovering new platforms and applications for better implementation and results. BIM enables you to make changes at any point in the lifecycle of a building, and share data much more effectively.

BIM is a method rather than just a form of technology.

Since BIM involves one coherent system of computer models rather than separate drawings, it is much more streamlined. Capturing your building as a point cloud, the surface is restructured and then converted into intelligent BIM.

Since a BIM scan is so rich in information, it can be used for more than one purpose, including restructuring the existing design. It is also renowned for improving what’s known as ‘interoperability’: the ability to communicate between people, making it easier than ever to convey ideas between architects, designers and engineers.

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