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Affordable 3D Laser Scan for BIM

With the BIM market expected to grow by 7.64 billion USD by 2022, there are growing numbers of construction companies using this technique.

BIM involves creating more than a model of a building- it covers the building’s physical and functional characteristics, such as its materials and tensile strength. It can also digitally capture its thermal performance and other functional data.

The use of BIM can enable companies to make informed decisions during the design process, enabling you to manage building projects with greater ease.

BIM helps everybody to understand a building using a digital model.

Bringing together all the different components of a building, BIM makes it possible for anyone to access information from your project, therefore offering greater collaboration in the construction, design and architectural sectors. Improving both labour productivity and reducing costs, it’s transforming the construction industry and offers clear advantages to a variety of companies.

Many people see a decrease in final construction costs when using BIM, along with a reduction in their project schedules and an improvement in labour productivity.

Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting offer the latest 3D laser scanning, with fixed prices for all our work.