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Affordable 3D Scanning For Pipework

Do you need a quicker and more cost-effective way of developing pipework designs?

3D laser scanning enables you to produce a full clash and co-ordination check, including insulation clashes, along with generating general arrangement drawings.

Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting can offer this technique at a highly affordable price, whether it’s needed for capturing piping or general site arrangements. We can carry out scans in either colour or greyscale according to your requirements.

3D scanning is not only quick but one of the most cost-effective ways of capturing pipework, preventing you from making costly mistakes on larger projects. Our previous projects have included a waste water treatment plant works in the thickening area. For this project we completed several steps to develop intermediate and final stage models.

Our other projects have included the refurbishment of a pumping station and brewery tank farm, which enables us to identify any problems before installation. You can easily check out details of these projects on our website.

If you have a smaller project on which you need assistance, we also have an experienced 2D draughting section who can help.

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