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Affordable And Practical Laser Scanning Services

Laser scanning is a popular modern engineering technique, enabling you to enhance the design process, speed up and reduce errors, and save both time and money.

Used for mobile mapping, surveying and the scanning of buildings and interiors, it is an excellent way to reduce risks in any project. In recent years, it has unearthed some incredible historical landmarks; for instance, it’s recently helped to map an Iron Age settlement beneath a church and WWI tunnels in France.

Where can I find an affordable laser scanning service in the UK?

Consider Hope Draughting. Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, our team are 3D CAD modelling, draughting and laser scanning specialists.

Our experienced 3D laser scanning team use a quick and accurate technique to produce vast amounts of data in a short space of time. We generate images using point cloud software, which is the most advanced way to alter existing designs. Gathering accurate dimensional data for existing site arrangements, scans can be done in both colour and greyscale.

We work regularly with not only engineering firms, but design consultants, installers and manufacturers. Our previous 3D laser scanning projects have included a fermentation vessel area, loading bay, and rooms in engineering plants.

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