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Affordable And Reliable 3D Laser Scanning

If you require reliable 3D laser scanning services, your project will be in safe hands with Hope Draughting, one of the companies who make up the Engenda Group Ltd.

During any project you need to convey information to a wide range of people, from engineers and manufacturers to builders and investors, all of whom need to see the project from different angles and to have access to diverse information.

The cost-effective process of 3D laser scanning enables you to create extremely accurate models using the most accurate data possible. By using our 3D BIM services, you will benefit from improved foresight and direction for any project.

Hope Draughting offer a competitively-priced 3D laser scanning service which makes the most of the latest technology.

Our 3D laser scanning services enable you to produce accurate dimensional data in a matter of minutes, using the quickest and most innovative techniques.

Our team have over 20 years of experience in the 2D and 3D draughting industry and have worked on a wide range of projects. Our clients include design consultants, engineers, installers and manufacturers looking to utilise the latest draughting, visualisation and point cloud software.

Find out more about our 3D laser scanning services.

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