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BIM Scanning

Interested in Building Information Modelling (BIM)?

Put simply, this is a way for everyone to understand a building through the use of a digital model.

Bringing together all the different components of a building, it makes it possible for anyone to access information for any purpose. It’s not merely showing you the structure of a building, but its thermal performance, a product’s physical characteristics, functional data-such as detection zones, and visualisation data to give the object a recognisable appearance.

This process offers substantial benefits to the construction, design and architectural sectors. Improving both labour productivity and reducing costs, it’s transforming the construction industry and offers clear advantages to a variety of companies.

One report by Smart Report found nearly half of people see a 5% decrease in final construction costs, when using BIM. And over half saw a reduction in their project schedules, with a third also seeing an improvement in labour productivity.

For quality BIM scanning in the UK, contact Hope Draughting. Based in the North West, we have over 20 years of experience in CAD, including laser scanning and 3D modelling. We work with clients from all across the UK.

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