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Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the generation and management of the digital representation of places.

By using this technology, a company can plan, design, construct, operate and maintain any physical infrastructure. The latest BIM software is therefore used by a variety of businesses, including engineering plants, refuse and communicative utilities, offices, factories and warehouses.

While traditional building design was based on 2D technical drawings, BIM extends this beyond 3D and covers more than mere geometry. Its design tools enable extraction of different views from a building model for drawing production and other uses. It can also define objects parametrically, which means a buildingļæ½s relation to other objects is taken into account.

This type of technology is ideal for architects, building service engineers and conveyors, and is particularly ideal for complex structures. BIM is so useful, it can even extend the lifecycle of a building. It does this by supporting cost management, construction management and facility operations.

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