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CAD Draughting Engineers In The UK

Could your project benefit from the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design)?

If you’re looking for CAD draughting engineers, Hope Draughting offers a variety of different services, including 3D modelling, fly-throughs and animations, pipework and process, building services and the latest 3D laser scanning.

The 3D laser scanning market is now estimated to be worth $1.6 billion, according to Manufacturing Tomorrow. But what exactly does the process involve?

Well, this type of CAD technology uses non-destructive technology to capture physical objects, including the layout of a room. This is done by creating point clouds of data from the surface of an object. It is an excellent starting point for any engineering project.

Obtain accurate dimensional data in seconds.

The latest 3D scanners can measure even the tiniest details, including the structure and qualities of an object, making it more efficient than traditional 2D CAD draughting techniques.

Our CAD draughting engineers are capable of scanning in both colour and greyscale. We supply fixed prices for all our projects, and are ideal for engineers, design consultants, installers and manufacturers.

Based in Cheshire, Hope Draughting are ideal for any company in the UK.

Discover more about our CAD draughting engineers.

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