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CAD Draughting Engineers

Did you know, the 3D CAD market is set to grow by 11.14 USA billion by 2020, according to PR Newswire? It has certainly come a long way since its inception in the 1970s.

CAD has been transforming many different procedures, and its benefits are growing all the time- most recently it has been used for reconstructive surgery. However, it is particularly invaluable for architects, engineers, designers, installers and manufacturers.

It can be used for everything from designing electrical systems to revamping industrial plants. Unlike 2D drawings, it can convey much more than just shapes; instead, it conveys complex information, such as a building’s materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances.

Do you require CAD draughting engineers?

Hope Draughting provide a quality draughting and 3D modelling service, with the innovative use of 3D laser scanning. This enables us to capture accurate dimensional data, whether of existing site arrangements or engineering parts and is the critical starting point for any project.

In the past we have done 3D laser scans of a brewery and pump room in full colour. You can see picture of past projects on our website.

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