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Choosing 3D Scanning Services In The UK?

3D laser scanning has long become an established technique for CAD draughting and is the quickest way to analyse real-world objects and environments to collect data on their shape or appearance.

This technique can be used for so many different applications, with its usage ranging from crime scenes to historical sites. However, as you’re probably aware, its most commonly used in the building, architecture and engineering industries.

One of the companies that make up the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting have specialised in 3D laser scanning for many years.

Hope Draughting can provide accurate dimensional data of existing site arrangements, giving you a critical starting point for any project. In a mere matter of minutes, our team can scan a vast amount of data to create a point cloud, which can then be used to create a solid CAD model if needed.

Quick and astonishingly accurate, our 3D laser scanning is perfect for engineers, design consultants and architects looking to save time using the latest technology.

Hope Draughting’s team have a multi-disciplined engineering background and are highly experienced in creating 3D laser scans. We can also produce fly-through animations and maintenance procedure animations. Our scans are available in either colour or greyscale and have been used to scan breweries and pump rooms.

We offer fixed prices for all our draughting services, so why not get in touch today?

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