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Could You Project Benefit From Point Cloud Modelling?

3D laser scanning is now one of the quickest and cost-effective ways to create a digital representation of any object, whether for your reference or for future planning.

Working in a mere matter of the seconds, this technology can create a ‘point cloud’ which is a set of data points that represents the outside of an object. A point cloud is the ideal starting point for creating 3D CAD models, including polygon mesh and triangle mesh models.

If you’re interested in point cloud modelling, Hope Draughting offer 3D laser scanning for highly affordable prices to clients anywhere in the UK.

The laser we use can capture over one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second.

Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting have over 20 years of experience in the draughting industry and can not only carry out 3D laser scanning but 3D modelling, pipework and processing, and fly-throughs and animations.

Producing accurate dimensional data, our 3D laser scanning is perfect for a wide range of projects and has benefitted engineers, design consultants and architects all over the UK.

Find out more about our point cloud modelling today.

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