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Do You Require 3D Laser Scanning Surveys?

Hope Draughting is part of the Engenda Group Ltd who provide innovative CAD draughting to a wide range of industries including heavy industry, oil and gas, and power generation.

Flexible, hard-working and experienced, our CAD draughting team can use a variety of techniques for your project including 3D laser scanning and fly-throughs along with animations.

This method is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to create an accurate survey of your site and is vast becoming the industry standard when it comes to precision scanning.

3D laser scanning can produce high definition surveys that work alongside more traditional techniques. Laser beams can capture the complete detail of your building at astonishing speeds. It can also be used to capture parts and landscapes.

We’ve often created 3D laser scanning surveys which can be used to create CAD models, having worked on three-storey buildings and produced general installation drawings for this type of project.

Our previous projects have ranged from 3D laser scan point clouds of breweries to colour scans of pump rooms. You can check out pictures of our previous 3D laser scanning projects on our website.

If you need a 3D laser scanning survey, why not get in touch for more information?

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