Fly-throughs & Animations

Experienced Experts in CAD Draughting

If you want to produce a detailed 3D engineering CAD model, Hope Draughting offer a highly affordable service for clients throughout the UK which includes the latest laser scanning techniques.

Our previous projects have included fermentation vessels and pump rooms, the scans of which can be seen on our website. With our multi-disciplined engineering background, we can cover a wide range of disciplines and use both modern and traditional techniques to produce drawings and 3D models.

By creating a 3D point cloud consisting of millions of points, you can then generate a solid CAD model of existing arrangements, covering all services, steelwork and buildings.

Why choose us for your CAD draughting?

Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting have a multi-disciplined engineering background and can produce quality drawings consistent with your CAD specifications, along with detailed 3D engineering CAD models, 3D laser scan surveys, and fly-throughs or animations.

Our offices are based in Widnes, Cheshire, but are services are available to any company seeking a 3D laser scanning at a competitive price.

Find out more about our CAD draughting services, or contact us on +44 (0) 151 425 4878.

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