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3D laser scanning is an innovative technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects or structures using a line of laser light. It creates 'point clouds' of data from the object's surface in order to capture its exact size and shape. 3D laser scanners measure the fine details and generate immensely accurate point clouds. 3D laser scanning is used in a wide range of industries including the manufacturing and building trades. If you're looking for a company to provide quality 3D laser scanning services, look no further than Hope Draughting. This long-standing firm has been providing a range of CAD draughting services for many years and uses the latest draughting, visualisation and point cloud software to offer an extremely high level of service to its customers.

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Hope Draughting has over 19 years of experience in the field and has worked with clients throughout the UK. As well as offering 3D laser scanning, the team can also offer 3D modelling, fly-throughs and animations and a range of building, mechanical and electrical services. Hope Draughting has a proven track record and is a firm that you can trust to meet your needs and expectations. To find out more about the company, visit the website today.