Fly-throughs & Animations

Flexible CAD Draughting Services

Do you require CAD draughting services in the UK? Would you like to benefit from the latest 3D laser scanning technology?

Laser scanning has been used for some surprising things: saving world heritage sites, showing patterns of surface deformation after earthquakes, and even the modelling of buildings and cities with the use of smart phones. But how could it help your business in 2017?

Why use our 3D scanning services?

Hope Draughting, part of the Engenda Group Ltd , offer affordable CAD draughting services to a variety of clients throughout the UK, including engineers and design consultants, architects, installers and manufacturers.

We offer both 2D draughting and 3D laser draughting, along with fly-throughs and animation. The latter are ideal resolving problems with equipment maintenance and operational procedures, and for carrying out construction sequencing. They are also extremely good for reference and training.

Our services include powerful 3D laser scanning.

Our experienced team use the latest draughting, visualisation and point cloud software to produce quality drawings and 3D CAD models for all disciplines.

We can produce accurate dimensional data of existing site arrangements, with our experienced 3D laser team capable of scanning in greyscale or colour. Quick and efficient, this technique takes a mere matter of seconds and is one of the best ways to produce accurate 3D models.

Our previous projects have included pumping chambers, breweries, and wastewater treatments works.

Why not view examples of our previous projects?