Fly-throughs & Animations

Flythroughs & Animations

In addition to generating fixed camera path fly-throughs of 3D models we also produce animations of equipment maintenance and operational procedures.

Animations can be used for identifying and resolving problems with equipment maintenance procedures, construction sequencing, etc. as well as being a good tool for reference and training.

Often when the final 'as built' model is complete and issued it is hyperlinked to animation files allowing users to roam models with free viewing software and select items to watch relevant procedures being performed.

The samples below are low resolution watermarked excerpts from fly-throughs and animations produced for various projects.
Pump Removal Animation
Existing Brewhouse Fly-through
WwTw Fly-through
Turbine Hall Modifications
Pump Removal Animation
WwTw Installation Animation
Pump Removal .wmv
Turbine Hall.wmv
Access Check.wmv