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Help Find A 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning can not only help to renovate spaces; it can also help to preserve different sites. Enabling you to measure your space to millimetre accuracy, it will also help you visualize the space in the future and include the tiniest details.

Nowadays you can have near X-ray vision of a complex building or component, which is ideal for both planning and executing changes.

3D Scanning is a practical way to prevent problems further down the line, by identifying them during the design stage, and provides you with plenty of content with which to manage buildings effectively.

Although it is not new technology, it has matured to the point where it’s both practical and useful. 3D Laser Scanning is used not only by architects and designers, but by law enforcement teams for mapping crime scenes, by estate agents for presenting virtual walkthroughs, and by archaeologists to present their discoveries.

For 3D laser scanning services in the UK, contact Hope Draughting any time. Our services include 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling, Fly-throughs and animations, and Building Processes. We supply fixed price quotations for all work.

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