Fly-throughs & Animations
Hope Draughting Engineers

Hope Draughting is based in Widnes, Cheshire and it’s a company that specialises in the design of 3D Modelling and CAD Draughting. The firm was established in 1995 and has grown from strength to strength over the years. The team consists of a group of individuals with multi-disciplined engineering backgrounds. The firm produces CAD drawings and designs for pipework projects, building structures, mechanical parts, and electrical service schemes. At the start of any project the team will assess the on-site arrangements by way of a 3D laser scan. This method allows them to collect data and view the site quickly and efficiently, so that general arrangement drawings can be carried out immediately.

Quality Design and Draughting

They also carry out 3D modelling of a site in order to identify and solve any problems that exist before commencing the construction phase. This ensures that potentially costly mistakes can be avoided before the construction is in place. Other useful tools that can be used to spot problems are fly-throughs and animation programmes. If you require the services of a highly experienced engineering team to draught and design your building, mechanical or electrical project, visit the Hope Draughting website at www.hdl4cad.com.