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Laser Scanning Services In The UK

3D laser scanning has revolutionised the world of architecture, engineering and, even, archaeology.

Last year, it was used to reveal vast hidden cities in Cambodia, which were part of a site which is between 900 and 1,400 years old. This site remained undiscovered in the dense jungle for centuries; although researchers always suspected that they might exist, it’s only thanks to 3D scanning that it was made possible.

More recently, it has exposed the fact that Robert the Bruce suffered from leprosy, when 3D scanning was used on his skull. It has also been used to take three Fife bridges into the fourth dimension. This involved creating 3D scans of the bridges, to show off Scotland’s incredible engineering skills and exhibit the possibilities of digital data.

Affordable 3D laser scanning services in the UK.

If you require 3D laser scanning services for the engineering industry, Hope Draughting offer the latest technology to assist with any project. Our 3D laser scanning produces accurate dimensional data within a matter of seconds.

Based in Widnes, Cheshire, Hope Draughting is ideal for companies anywhere in the UK.

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