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Laser scanning services

Need a laser scanning service for your construction project?

This type of technology has been popular in geospatial and survey industries for many years. However, the latest advances in such technology enable many fantastic new uses for BIM (Building Information Modelling).

So, what is laser scanning? And how does it work?

In modern engineering, this term is used with two related but separate meanings. Firstly: the controlled deflection of laser beams, visible or invisible, when scanned laser beams are used in some 3-D printers, rapid prototyping, machines for material processing, laser engraving machines, laser printers and in barcode scanners.

The second, more specific, meaning is the controlled steering of laser beams followed by a distance measurement at every pointing direction. This method is used to rapidly capture shapes of objects, buildings and landscapes. This latter definition is the type used in construction or engineering. The point clouds created from this type of scanning are immensely useful for construction purposes.

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