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Laser Scanning Surveys In The UK

Laser scanning surveys are used on a huge range of sites. Only recently the Lord Nelson’s flagship boat the HMS Victory was discovered to be collapsing due to a structural survey with scanners. This survey showed that the old ship needs some restoration work-pronto.

Recently, laser scanning has also been used to create a digital model of Culloden, one of Scotland’s most iconic sites; they used this incredible technology to create a detailed model of the battle of Culloden.

In other random laser scanning news, the technology has been used to discover an extinct rat from 18 million years ago. In other words, the uses of laser scanning are myriad and extremely varied. On the most pragmatic level, they are used by engineering companies to take scans of their site arrangements.

If you’re a design consultant, manufacturer or engineer, and require a laser scanning survey, contact Hope Draughting in Cheshire this summer. Based in Widnes, we nonetheless cover the whole of the UK, including the South East.

With our 3D laser scanning, your site can benefit from the latest technology, when planning to alter existing site arrangements. Our previous projects include breweries and pump rooms, both in full colour.

For more about our laser scanning, take a look here.

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