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Looking For 3D Scanning Services?

3D scanning is not only popular with architects and designers, it’s also increasingly popular with historians.

Recently it has been used to produce analytical scans of four mummies. Elsewhere, Redwood Data has produced over 10,000 scans of everyday objects to be released into the public domain, including those of cars, furniture, sculptures, books and tables. The British Library is also planning to use a 3D scanner to provide greater insight into its collection.

Are you looking for 3D scanning services in the UK?

Hope Draughting are an experienced drawing office which has over 20 years of experience. Our team have a multi-disciplined engineering background, which covers 3D laser modelling, 3D Laser Scanning and fly-through animations.

As a flexible CAD draughting and modelling company, we help everyone from engineers to design consultants and manufacturers.

Our past projects using 3D laser scanning for breweries and pump rooms, in both colour and greyscale. Using the power of a point cloud, we can bring your project to life.

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