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Looking To Create A 3D Point Cloud For Your CAD Model?

Are you looking for an experienced 3D laser scanning team, who can transform your data into a point cloud?

3D laser scanning is one of the most innovative types of CAD, and is a rapidly growing industry that’s being utilised by engineers, architects and even archaeologists. Over the past few years, it has already achieved some amazing things.

A new TV show on the BBC features a London-based 3D scanning company, who have created stunning 3D images of tunnels and deep sea treasures found beneath the surface of Italy’s biggest cities: Rome, Venice, Naples and Florence. This is just one example of the amazing things that 3D laser scanning can achieve.

3D laser scanners work by operating a high-precision laser beam; this can read solid surfaces, and processes images as a series of points that make an overall cloud (point cloud) of how the image appears.

Capturing dimensional data using a point cloud is an excellent way to track changes to a building. It is particularly good for complex renovations: particularly where you need high levels of precision and where historical preservation is a concern.

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