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Need 3D Laser Scanning for BIM?

Do you need a 3D laser scanning service for building information modelling (BIM)?

BIM enables you to create more than just a model of a building; it also covers physical and functional characteristics, such as its materials and tensile strength, and can digitally capture a building’s thermal performance and other functional data.

BIM means companies can make much more informed decisions during the design process and manage building projects with greater ease.

It also makes it possible for anyone to access information from your project, making it easier to collaborate with staff in the construction, design and architectural sectors. Many people see a decrease in final construction costs when using BIM, along with better project schedules and an improvement in labour productivity.

BIM helps everybody to understand a building through the use a digital model, which is best produced using 3D laser scanning.

3D laser scanning enables you to produce an extremely accurate digital representation of your building which can then be used for building information modelling.

If you’re looking to use this type of service in the UK, Hope Draughting offer fixed prices for all our 3D laser scanning services. Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, we’ve been experts in draughting techniques for over 20 years.

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