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Need To Scan A Building For BIM?

It’s easy to wonder nowadays how buildings like St Paul’s Cathedral were constructed: such a beautiful and complex building were done entirely without the technology we know today. The difference is the length of time they to be constructed.

Nowadays BIM (Building Information Modelling) is changing the way buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned and executed. By creating and using an intelligent 3D model, you can inform and communicate project decisions with much greater ease.

Since BIM involves one coherent system of computer models rather than separate drawings, it is also much simpler and more streamlined. Capturing your building as a point cloud, its surface is restructured and then converted into intelligent BIM.

Since a scan is so rich in information, it can henceforth be used for renovations, building and restructuring the existing design. It’s exciting technology like this that keeps buildings like St Paul’s looking and standing strong.

At Hope Draughting we are experienced 3D laser scanning specialises, who can help you use BIM scanning to improve your business.

This method lowers project risks, improving the final outcome and reducing conflicts during the construction process. It’s the best way to document your project at different stages, including cost estimation, scheduling and sustainability.

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