Pipework & Process
Waste water treatment works thickening area

This project was carried out in stages - An existing 3D CAD model of the site was generated and then developed to produce intermediate and final stage models.

From the 3D models complete sets of installation general arrangement drawings and fittings lists were generated enabling successful installation of each phase.


3D CAD modelling of existing and proposed pipework installations is often a quicker more accurate and cost effective way of developing designs and generating final arrangement & detailed drawings than conventional 2D draughting.

Advantages of producing 3D CAD models include the ability to perform full clash and coordination checks (including insulation clashes) as well as generating general arrangement drawings as required directly from the model along with fittings schedules.

From 3D models we also generate fly-throughs along with animations of equipment maintenance procedures and construction sequences, etc. identifying and resolving problems before the construction stage.

Smaller projects may not merit a 3D model, for these instances we also have an experienced 2D draughting section producing quality 2D CAD drawings

These pages show some examples of 2D & 3D pipework projects undertaken.
Flythroughs & Animations
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Pipework & Process - 2