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Point Cloud Modelling

Point cloud modelling involves using a set of data points in a co-ordinate system, intended to represent the external surface of an object. Created using 3D scanners, they measure a large number of points on the surface and are often outputted as a data file.

This process is used for many purposes, including the creation of 3D CAD models for manufactured parts in engineering. Point cloud can also be used to create volumetric data and digital elevation models of a terrain.

Point cloud is now one of the best ways to create detailed, meticulous plans for engineering plants.

If you require this type of service, we at Hope Draughting can help. Established in 1995, we are an experienced draughting office that provide quality draughting and 3D modelling to engineers, design consultants, installers and manufacturers throughout the UK. This includes the areas of Reading, Camberley, Farnborough Aldershot, Bracknell and Wokingham.

We use quick and accurate 3D laser scanning, which then produces a 3D point cloud to generate the most concise solid CAD models.

For examples of our 3D laser scanning, simply click here.