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Quality 3D Laser Scan Surveys

Hope Draughting recognise the importance of accurate dimensional data capture of existing site arrangements as the critical starting point for any project. Their experienced 3D laser scanning team are capable of scanning in both colour and greyscale. Examples of some of the 3D laser scan surveys conducted by their team can be found at www.hdl4cad.com/3d%20laser%20scanning%20-%202.html.

The Company

Hope Draughting was established in 1995. With a multi-disciplined engineering background, they are a flexible engineering CAD draughting, 3D modelling and detailing facility offering a wide range of related services, including the production of quality drawings and 3D CAD models for all disciplines. Using the latest draughting, visualisation and point cloud software, they provide quality draughting and 3D modelling services to engineers, design consultants, installers and manufacturers.

3D Laser Scan Surveys

A quick and accurate technique, 3D laser scanning is a quick and accurate technique which produces a vast amount of highly accurate setting out data in a short space of time. The 3D scanner emits a laser capable of taking more than one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second. These measurements are then used to generate a solid CAD model of existing models. For further information, visit www.hdl4cad.com.