Fly-throughs & Animations
Scan to BIM

Whether your next project is the construction of a new building or industrial structure, or perhaps a renovation, you will need a reliable, experienced draughting company who can offer a range of modern, professional draughting services – from 2D drawings to laser scanning and BIM (Building Information Modelling). Luckily, Hope Draughting can do just that.

Dimensional Data and Accurate Animations

The team at Hope Draughting are specialists in 3D laser scanning and 3D CAD modelling and have many years of experience in this field. Laser scanning is a quick and accurate technique that can take over one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second, allowing the team to gather a vast amount of accurate data in a short time. This data can then be used to generate a solid CAD model of any existing infrastructure, including all services, pipe work, steelwork and structural elements. It can also be used to generate virtual fly-throughs and animations which can be shared with everyone concerned via free downloadable viewing software. These are not only useful for identifying and resolving potential problems before construction work starts, but also for use in training materials and in operation and maintenance of infrastructure. So to find out more, visit their website.