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Searching For A 3D Scanning Service In The UK?

With 3D laser scanning it’s never been quicker or easier to produce 100% accurate data of your existing site arrangements or engineering parts. With Hope Draughting you can take advantage of this innovative technology for a highly affordable price.

We have 3D laser scanning equipment which is capable of producing an astonishing 100,000 3D measurements per second. Our team can scan your site in either colour or greyscale to produce a 3D model for the development of your proposed works.

Extremely speedy and offering pin-point accuracy, this device can take scans of your site which help you to produce a 3D model which incorporates all aspects of a facility: its services, steelwork, buildings and much more.

Part of Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting is an experienced engineering drawing office which has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Based in Widnes in Cheshire, our 3D scanning service is used by companies all over the UK, including engineering firms, design consultants and manufacturers.

Our past projects have included a brewery including its loading bay and fermentation vessel area. Hope Draughting have also carried out a colour scan of a pump room which contained pipework, pumps and equipment. Proposals were then incorporated into the 3D models made using the scan.

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