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The Benefits Of 3D Laser Scans For Piping

Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting offer a wide range of draughting services, including the creation of 3D Piping and CAD models.

3D laser scanning can be highly useful for piping, one of the most complex parts of a building, helping you produce 100% accurate 3D CAD models to the highest standards.

We can help make the design of piping much simpler, and reduce the risk of clashing between pipes.

Helping you improve efficiency in your plant.

When it comes to piping, 3D CAD models offer many advantages, including the ability to perform full clash and coordination checks, along with generating general arrangement drawings- as required directly from the model. Furthermore, it can help you organise your fittings schedules.

From your 3D models, we can generate fly-through animations of equipment maintenance procedures and construction sequences, or any other procedures that will assist with your project. For smaller projects, we can offer an experienced 2D draughting team to produce quality 2D CAD drawings.

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