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The Best 3D Scanning Service

Interested in 3D scanning but not sure whether it's right for you? Want to know more about it?

Basically, 3D scanning is obtaining a digital representation of an object. Any object can be translated into digital form if needs be, and it's useful for a variety of reasons. They're especially useful for designing new products or architecture, as they help visualise any aspects that might need changing before production begins.

3D scanning can be used to perform dimensional and comparative analysis, or even FEA and CFD analysis. It's also perfect for digitally repairing damage that's been done an object, after which you can reproduce it in its proper, real form using rapid prototyping and milling technologies.

There's no limits to what can be done once an object is captured in 3D. Once you're finished you can convert point clouds into CAD formats, which can be used in a variety of ways. Since everybody's lives are becoming more and more digitalised, we've come to expect better computer interpretations of real life objects than ever before. If using a 3D scanning service, you no doubt want the best quality possible.

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