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The Best Laser Scanning Services

Looking for the best laser scanning services? Non-contact, non-destructive technology, 3D Laser Scanning digitally captures the shape of an object using a line of laser light. These scanners then create ‘point clouds’ of data from the object’s surface. In short, it captures a physical object’s exact size and shape onto a computer system, as a fully rounded, digital representation.

Although such results might seem like magic, there is actually a lot of know-how and technical expertise behind it. This process begins with the object being scanned by a laser probe, which projects a line of laser light onto the surface. After this, two sensor cameras continuously record the changing distance and shape of the laser line as it sweeps along the object.

Subsequently, the shape of the object appears as millions of points on the screen. As aforementioned, this is what’s known as ‘point cloud’. The process is very fast, gathering up to 750,000 points per second. No wonder it seems so impressive.

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