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The Many Uses of 3D Laser Scanning Surveys

Did you know, there is a planned project to 3D scan the Titanic? Fewer than 200 people have ever visited this site, and the new expedition planned for 2018 will be the first visit since 2005. Now is a great time to get a 3D scan before the boat disintegrates.

3D lasers scanning have many different uses, but their most common application is for engineering and architecture. It’s a shame they couldn’t be used to build the Titanic- the ship could have really used a 3D visualisation to predict what would happen to the watertight compartments when damaged!

At Hope Draughting we can provide accurate dimensional data of existing site arrangements, which is a critical starting point for any project.

Part of the Engenda Group, Hope Draughting has been in this industry for over 20 years now.

Our 3D laser scanning surveys are available in both colour and greyscale, according to your preferences, and, in the past, have been used for many different projects. Quick and accurate, our 3D laser scanning is ideal for engineers, design consultants, architects and manufacturers.

In mere minutes, we can create a vast amount of data, which then creates a point cloud, which can then be used to create a solid CAD model if needed.

Our team have a multi-disciplined engineering background, and are highly experienced in creating 3D laser scanning surveys. We can also produce Fly-throughs and maintenance procedure animations.