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The Power Of 3D Laser Scanning

Like computer technology in general, 3D laser scanning has advanced rapidly over the past few years.

This technique can make a huge difference to the design and maintenance of buildings and engineering parts: reducing health and safety risks, along with faults in design, it can maximise efficiency levels to unprecedented levels. 3D laser scanning can help with even the biggest challenges, like the need to measure parts which are in excess of 15 feet and have a complex geometry.

Complex buildings and pipes can be captured in outstanding detail using 3D laser scanning.

While you might expect such an advanced technique to take hours, this isn’t the case: 3D laser scanning is breathtakingly quick and efficient, with the whole process taking mere minutes.

Part of the Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting is a 3D laser scanning company who can carry out a wide range of projects.

Our past projects have included a brewery plant, for which a fermentation vessel area and loading bay were scanned. After this we could produce a 3D model for development of proposed work. We have also produced scans of a pump room in full colour, which enabled us to produce the most accurate model possible.

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