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Why Use our 3D Scanning Services?

One of the businesses which make up the Engenda Group, Hope Draughting offer a wide range of draughting services which include the latest 3D laser scanning to make your projects quicker and more accurate.

Data collected using this method can be used for a wide range of applications, including reverse engineering and prototyping. It is now considered the best way to produce a solid 3D model and can capture its complex parts and shapes with pinpoint accuracy.

It works by using scanners to produce ‘point clouds’ of data from the surface of an object. This is an extremely cost effective way of identifying and resolving potential problems prior to the construction phase of a project. The accurate dimensional data produced using 3D scanning is a critical starting point for any project.

When taking a scan of an existing site, it can incorporate services, steelwork and much more. Unlike 2D draughting, this type of scanning can consider many extra features.

Our experienced team have created scans in both colour and greyscale, according to your unique needs. Our scanner can take vast amounts of data in a short space of time, emitting a laser that takes over one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second.

If you require 3D scanning services, simply get in touch today.

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