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Want To Benefit From BIM In 2016?

BIM, otherwise known as Building Information Modelling, is a way of generating and managing digital representation of a building.

To scan a building to use BIM, involves the use of 3D laser scanners, which our highly experienced team use at Hope Draughting.

The architectural industry is relying more heavily on BIM, because it saves both time and money.

It is particularly useful for what’s known as ‘interoperability’- otherwise known as the ability to communicate between people. BIM makes it’s easier than ever to convey ideas between architects, designers and engineers. It also means you can make changes at any point in the lifecycle of a building, and share data much more effectively. Unsurprisingly more and more companies are looking to invest in this type of technology.

If you require 3D laser scanning in the UK, and want to benefit from BIM, contact Hope Draughting for exceptional building information modelling. Whether your scan is required in colour or greyscale, our detailed dimensional data is the perfect starting point for any project.

Our previous projects include a brewery, pump room and many other engineering projects.

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