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Want To Benefit From The Wonders Of 3D Scanners?

Do you need a company that can provide 3D laser scanners?

3D laser scanning can provide accurate dimensional data of existing site arrangements, and is a critical starting point for any project. The scanner is capable of producing vast amounts of data in an extremely short space of time, with the laser taking over 100,000 3D measurements per second.

3D laser scanning services in the UK.

If you require laser scanning services for the engineering industry, Hope Draughting offer the latest 3D laser scanning technology to assist with any project. Our 3D laser scanning produces accurate dimensional data within a matter of seconds.

We can scan in either colour or greyscale, and produce a 3D model for the development of proposed works. Our past projects have included a brewery, including its loading bay and fermentation vessel area. We have also carried out a colour scan on a pump room, which contained pipework, pumps and equipment. Proposals were then incorporated into the 3D models made using the scan.

Part of Engenda Group Ltd, Hope Draughting is ideal for companies anywhere in the UK.

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