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Want To Use The Latest 3D Modelling Techniques?

Point cloud modelling is an extremely efficient technique, involving a set of data points in a co-ordinate system, usually representing the surface area of an object.

This technique involves the use of a 3D Laser Scanner and is ideal for manufacturing parts, quality inspections and any project which requires visualisation and mass customisation applications. It is the ideal starting point for the making of CAD models- or models made of either polygon or triangle mesh.

At Hope Draughting, we use the latest 3D laser scanning techniques to assist with many different projects.

Using 3D laser scanning, we’re capable of producing over 100,000 3D measurements per second. This is then converted into a 3D point cloud, which is then used to make a solid CAD model.

By using our point cloud software, you can save time and money on the alteration of site arrangements or mechanical parts.

Our point cloud modelling is popular with design consultants, engineers, installers and manufacturers. Our previous 3D modelling projects include a Brewery Tank Farm, Pumping Room, Thickening Plant, Waste Canister Cage and Materials Handling Plant.

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