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Why use 3D Laser Scanning Services in 2017?

Want to take that technological leap into the world of 3D laser scanning?

Laser scanning has been used for some surprising things: saving world heritage sites, showing patterns of surface deformation after earthquakes, and even the modelling of buildings and cities with the use of smart phones. But how could it help your business in 2017?

Why use our 3D scanning services?

For those working in engineering, 3D laser scanning offers unbeatable levels of accuracy and can produce the best CAD files for future use.

3D laser scanning doesn’t just enhance the design process; it speeds up and reduces data collection errors, saves time and money, and is an attractive alternative to traditional data collection. It is ideal for the use of mobile mapping, surveying and the scanning of building interiors.

At Hope Draughting, our 3D laser scanning services are available anywhere in the UK. Whether you have an existing model or proposed building works in the pipeline, our 3D laser scanning will enhance your design process. This quick and accurate technique produces a vast amount of data in a very short space of time.

We regularly work with not only engineering companies, but design consultants, installers and manufacturers.

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